Sunday, January 25, 2009

FxUx:You gotta go there and FEEL IT!!!

FxUx is a hardcore/punk band from Japan. I spoke with the singer, Hayato for a while, his english was very good, unlike most people i met in Tokyo, after his bands show in Wall. Next show, which was a couple of days later they put me on the guestlist and i planned a little email interview, here we go.
FxUx or F-U(Fuck you)

How long ago did your band start and how did you get involved with
hardcore/punk to begin with?

F-U has just started. Our 1st show was August 1st 2008. We played in front of few people,though it was really fun show!
Offspring was my first punk band, and I started to get more deep into the scenes.

What was the first song you wrote as a singer and what was it about?
First song... hmmm let me think..
I don't rember it... maybe It was kinda about selfesteem things.

FxUx - Shinjuku Wall from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

Which bands have been an influence to you?
RISE(Japanese hardcore), and Black Flag is one of my favorite band!!

Can you explain how these livehouse shows work in Japan? I hear
you pay to play? That is very odd to me.Do you play
other places? Houses, Recording studios etc?

Yep, Normally we pay to play a show in Japan.and it's totally normal thing to Japanese people. BUT I know this system really sucks!
so sometimes, we rent the cheap studio and organize our own show.

FxUx - Tokyo Wall 24-11-2008 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

When can we expect your demo?
We just finished all art works so it's gonnna be out from next show.
(Jan.29th, 2009)

Any funny stories while you were on this little tour/past few
shows you can share with us?

Not in this band, but I went to the Phillipines and it was awesome!!!
The bands and kids were awesome!!!
You gotta go there and FEEL IT!!!

Tell me a little about yourself? Are you a student or do you work?
I'm not a student anymore. I graduated AOYAMA Univ. 2004 and I'm working as a part time job which is using some computers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I guess I'm still playing in the band like today, and I hope to be.

Any famous last words? Anything goes!

Jealous Betrayer!!! HAHAHAHA!

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frankie deny said...

Klinkt wel cool op de video. Hebben ze ook een myspace dat je weet? Alles goed met de blauwe circel? Is ie goed ingekleurd enzo? Frankie