Tuesday, December 9, 2008

United Thrash Night vol. 65 - Zone-B Tokyo Japan

Time for an update and something a little different.During my trip to Tokyo in november i went to quite alot of shows and ill try to give you a little taste of those experiences.

Just looking through website after website in japanese, trying to spot the little english they present i made a agenda for myself in tokyo. One of the bands i wanted to see was Tone Deaf, which i had checked out through one of your favorite dutch hardcore messageboards. They were actually playing during my stay just 2 metro stops from my home in Tokyo. It was a pretty big event called "United Trash Night vol. 65". To think they already had 64 of those shows, amazing.

This was one of the shows were i was obviously the only foreigner as i could tell, yet i felt right at home when i began to spot kids in various old dutch band shirts like B.G.K. and Larm and even distro's selling split records with dutch bands i have actually filmed last year and are on my video site.

Here are in order of appearance the following bands that day:


Very noise type of hardcore.

Marubullmen - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

Mad Maniax

Mad Maniax - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

Tone Deaf

When i went to a show in Japan , at the entrance you often had to say for which band you specifially came so for me they checked Tone Deaf. Later i got me a nice shirt saying "Go loser, go!".

Tone Deaf - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

You can watch this video in High Definition (HD) quality here


From Sapporo.
I had a little chat with the singer of this band , who seemed like a nice guy just before i went back home. When asked where i was form and after replying with "Hollanda, Amsterdam" he again replied with "Ah, Larm country" or something to that extend.

Chaotix - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.


Singer with a ski-mask.

Backstab - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.


At one point the singer switched with the bassplayer as you can notice in my video.

Spymaster - United Thrash Night vol. 65 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

Crucial Section

Obviously the headliner of the evening as people went nuts,(and i later found out this was their e.p. release show) and i was presently surprised eventhough a few days before the singer of Number Two had responded excitingly as i told him i was going to this event by showing me his Crucial Section patch, which i also picked up together with the ep "Against the Wind".

Crucial Section - United Thrash Night from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

I filmed for an whole hour, so these are just excerpts.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Night Fever - ACU 21-09-2008

A bleeding, fucked up, adhd singer with his last days on mind,fast guitars,pumping drums and a fucking poison idea cover mixed with some hardcore rock n roll creates Night Fever from Denmark. Nothing out on record yet, but until it is i recommend playing my next video, over and over and over again......:

Night Fever - Acu from Darcy on Vimeo.

Last picture by Mateus Mondini

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Padded Cell - Occii, Amsterdam 11-07-2008

Another pretty new dutch band which got my attention is Padded Cell from Utrecht. At their show in De Baarmoeder back in december they surprised me and i bought their demo which just got out. Too bad i didnt turn on my camera back in De Baarmoeder, cause if i remember right i did film Losing Streak the same night...

Padded Cell lists as influences Jerry's kids, and probably Black Flag, cause of the name? Can't really go wrong there for me. So give them a listen!

The audience was lacking this night but the band sure wasn't:

Padded Cell - Occii, 12-07-08 from Darcy on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sick Mormons - Trashfest '08

So time for Trashfest 13.

Not much work to do at my job the thursday Trashfest started, so we drew straws and i won and was able to take the day off.Good! off to trashfest! A two-hour, train ride and a hitchhiked ride to the camping got us there.

Lots of bands,lots of beer,lots of distros.And not to forget, lots of punks,lots of hardcorekids, and lots of crusts.

First band ill cover is:
Sick Mormons, a friends band, very new, very promising. Snotty vocals type of melodic punkrock or hardcore ala, adolescents?

Definitely excited for the upcoming 7" in july!

Sick Mormons - Trashfest 2008 from Darcy on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Colored Rice Men - Moonstep april '08

Colored Rice Men from Japan is another band i just stumbled upon in april 2008, during a punk show in Tokyo. After some research i found out they had some former members of Outo and Lip Cream!

I can only describe them as an offbeat punk/hardcore sound with an insane-ass saxophone. Imagine that!, hardcore + saxophone.

Picked up their lp "New Animal Life", during my stay in Tokyo.

Colored Rice Men - Moonstep april '08 from Darcy on Vimeo.

Citizens Patrol - Bitterzoet '08

Same day and venue as the last video, Annihilation Time and same day as Bad Religion, Citizens Patrol performed. This is actually the second time i filmed this band. Last time was at the greatly missed and evicted De Baarmoeder squat in Amsterdam, here.

They hail from The Netherlands and are about to release the, DEAD CHILDREN 7"EP. They will be touring the U.S. starting next weekend and playing No Way Fest , see their page for tour dates.

Citizens Patrol - Bitterzoet '08 from Darcy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annihilation Time - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam 09-06-2008

To these questions:"Darcy?,Do you only go to shows where the audience doesn't dance/fuck shit up?""Do they always just stand there, nodding to the beat?", the answer is a simple, NO! When the shit hits the van at a show, i will probably be the van( or the shit, for that matter) So there is no way i am filming a good show, unless someone else does it for me, which was the case with my Born/Dead video, at an insane good band/show as Annihilation Time.They totally tore the place up, glass was fucking everywhere(these little tiny pieces in my arms?fuck, and i was just observing.) However the show was on a monday , so i had to work the next day, and i just came from another show, Bad Religion in the Melkweg. So i decided 4 beers and just watching the show was enough. All in all this gave me the chance to film one of the best shows i have filmed, ever:

Annihilation Time - Bitterzoet from Darcy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Inner Terrestrials - Occii, Amsterdam

I think it has been three or four years ago that i went to see Inner Terrestrials
in de "Vrankrijk". I got blown away by this band and bought their album "X", for a friend.
Big mistake or a really good present cause its a great album and i've been playing it off and on ever since. They play a mix of hardcore punk, ska and dub with an anarcho punk political view.

So last friday i went to see them again and here is the result:

Inner Terrestrials - Occii 30-05-2008 Amsterdam from Darcy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slight Slappers - Moonstep

With an open mind to the music i was about to witness i went to one of my first Japanese Punk Shows at Tokyo, Nakano's Moonstep.
Tokyo's own Slight Slappers' raw energy surprised me. They play a very very fast uncompromising style of hardcore/punk, powerviolence. Very energetic and noisy, which got me in the right mood for a good show instantly. Shame i spend all my money on beer that night, insted some of their music. see for yourself.

Slight Slappers at Nakano Moonstep 04-2008 from Darcy on Vimeo.

Check them out here:

Monday, May 26, 2008

What is to come.

The idea is too post videos and perhaps music of bands i have come along here. I try to maintain a good video quality, which sometimes takes some time and work. So quality above quantity. I am also still learning the basics, so bear with me but expect nothing but punk and hardcore shows.

The name of this blog is inspired by a song from the legendary Austin, Texas band The Offenders.