Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sick Mormons - Trashfest '08

So time for Trashfest 13.

Not much work to do at my job the thursday Trashfest started, so we drew straws and i won and was able to take the day off.Good! off to trashfest! A two-hour, train ride and a hitchhiked ride to the camping got us there.

Lots of bands,lots of beer,lots of distros.And not to forget, lots of punks,lots of hardcorekids, and lots of crusts.

First band ill cover is:
Sick Mormons, a friends band, very new, very promising. Snotty vocals type of melodic punkrock or hardcore ala, adolescents?

Definitely excited for the upcoming 7" in july!

Sick Mormons - Trashfest 2008 from Darcy on Vimeo.

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